Zuki was one of the Kangaroo Men of the city of Gooli, he was apparently not a very skilled warrior more adept at running than fighting.

Zuki first appeared taunting the captured Hormad Tor-Dur-Bar, actually the Red Martian Vor Daj in a Hormad body, boasting about his courage and fighting prowess. Zuki challenged the stranger to a duel, albeit one with ten fellow Goolians waiting to jump in and help him if he appeared to be losing. Despite the numerical advantage, Zuki and his comrades kept their distance, and before any fighting could begin the village was approached by members of an enemy tribe, known as the man-eaters. Terrified, the entire tribe, including Zuki fled. After the 'Hormad' defeated the man-eaters, Zuki befriended him.

Vor Daj noted that Zuki was the only Goolian to have a sense of humor.

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