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Zat Arrras was a Red Martian who was appointed Jed of Zodanga by Tardos Mors after the city became a vassal to Helium. The offer had originally been made to John Carter but he refused the honor. Following the disappearance of Carter and later his son Carthoris, Tardos Mors along with Mors Kajak launched separate expeditions in search of them but they also failed to return. Dejah Thoris became so despondent over the presumed deaths of her loved ones that she set out upon the River Iss to join them in the afterlife before she was captured by the First Born. With her departure Zat Arrras proclaimed himself Jeddak of Helium and was the effective ruler of that city until he was killed in a battle between his fleet of airships and those led by Carter.




  • Warlord of Mars (Dynamite) Annual