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The information in this article comes from Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Yorn was a mighty city and kingdom on Barsoom 437 years before John Carter's arrival on the planet. It was once the most powerful nation on Barsoom.

The City[]

Not much is known about the capital city of Yorn, other than the fact that it shared its name with the empire (which is typical of Barsoomian nations).


Its Jeddak was Senneth Dor. When Lesser Helium finally gained advantage over Greater Helium, the Jeddak intervened by announcing the marriage of his son Dor Valian to Dejah Thoris. The marriage however was simply a ruse for him and his soldiers to invader Lesser and Greater Helium, where he captured (and intended to execute) the Jeds of the two cities.

Senneth Dor's purpose in Lesser Helium was to search the catacombs beneath the city for the ancient Colossus and use it to dominate all of Barsoom. For a time the colossus seemed uncooperative and inoperable, while they attempted to get it to function Lesser Helium came under siege of the Great Horde of the North.

Senneth Dor approached the colossus, infuriated that the war machine wouldn't function. He was only able to get it to work when it physically merged with him. Rising from the depths of Lesser Heliums catacombs Senneth Dor wiped out at least three tribes of Green men, and even attacked the nation of Ptarth.

This great power was destroyed and the Colossus was ended, when it was hunted down by a coalition of Jeddaks and their fleets, who Yorn had wronged. After the likely death of Senneth Dor, his young daughter Tash Lia assumed the throne as Jeddara.

After Tash Lia assumed the throne, she and the Yorn Council quietly negotiated with Helium to cede power to the newly ascendant nation.


Known subjects of Yorn.


There are three known cities that are known to have been a part of the empire of Yorn. The capital city of Yorn, and Greater and Lesser Helium. The two cities of Helium were kept in a constant state of war, exasperated by the Jeddak of Yorn through the assassination of Heru.


  • It would seem that official color of the nation is purple, its peoples and banners using this color to distinguish themselves.