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Several of the races native to Barsoom have white skin, as such they can all be called White Martians.

Therns, Orovar, and Lotharians[]

Any relationship between the races is not entirely elaborated upon, though it is hinted that the Therns and Lotharians descended from the Orovar. This united race is sometimes referred to as "White Martians".

Their unique practices and centuries of history led to separation of the races, their features, and their capabilities. In the case of Therns, this is their hereditary baldness - which they cover with blond wigs - and their belief system of being "deathless". For the Lotharians, they have auburn hair and the ability to conjure substantial illusions through sheer power of will.

White Apes[]

White Apes are considered "White Martians" merely by the color of their skin, which is not fair as other races but actually truly white, as is the shock of white hair on their head. Their overall sapience is arguable, and it is known that they have no biological relation to any other White Martian race - nor any other race on Barsoom, for that matter - as they represent the only extant species of mammal on the planet.


Although not technically a Martian race, the Tarids of Barsoom's moon, Thuria, have white skin; as they are not from the planet, any relationship between this race and the others is highly unlikely.


  • Being European, John Carter's skin has the same color as a White Martian, even though he is from Earth. This permitted him to disguise himself as a Thern in The Gods of Mars by taking one's harness and blond wig.