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The Confrontation
Comic Book Release Date April 16, 2014
Publisher Dynamite Comics
Colorist(s) Salvatore Aiala Studios
Letterer(s) Marshall Dillon

Warlord of Mars 100 is a special one-shot comic released by Dynamite entertainment to mark their 100th comic made in their Warlord of Mars franchise. It features several stories done by several artists, the events of the comic were followed up by Warlord of Mars 0 and Dejah of Mars.


Warlord of Mars #100 is an anthology book featuring three short stories written and illustrated by different artists with and over-arching theme and story involving Woola and his loyalty to his Human companions.

The Sword of Barsoom Part 1[]

  • Writer - Robert Place Napton
  • Illustrator - Lui Antonio

The first story takes place in the same era as Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris, 434 years before John Carters arrival on Barsoom.

Dejah Thoris is at an archeological site excavating a lost city, there her mentor shows her ancient paintings that depict the First Born and the Tree of Life, both Dejah and her Mentor are shocked that the First Born of mars appear to be the same race as the Black Pirates.

The paintings depicts the first martian being killed by his younger brother and his bones being reforged into a sword of great power. Dejah asks why she was summoned to the site with such urgency, and Syl Mak informs her that he believes he has located the Sword of Barsoom.

The Sword of Barsoom Part 2[]

  • Writer - Arvid Nelson
  • Illustrator - Jose Malaga


  • Writer - Mark Rahner
  • Illustrator - Jose Luis


There was a total of fourteen variant covers created for this one-shot issue.

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