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John Carter Warlord of Mars
Comic Book Release Date June 1977
Publisher Marvel Comics
Story Writer(s) Marv Wolfman
Penciler(s) Gil Kane
Inker(s) Dave Cockrum
Colorist(s) Glynis Wein
Letterer(s) Joe Rosen
Front Cover Artist(s) Kane & Cockrum
Previous none
Next Issue 2


The first issue starts off with John Carter running through the ruined city of Zodanga looking for the abductors of Dejah Thoris. As he searches he battles with Warhoon warriors, while reminiscing about his past leading up the this point. Considering the two years he had spent on Mars. Eventually he interrogates one of the downed Warhoon, learning his princess and Tars Tarkas are trapped in the tower of law. There she is being interrogated for the secrets of the Atmosphere factory. After John Carter frees her and Tars Tarkas it is revealed that there is an enemy who wants to destroy all life on Barsoom.





  • There is a two-page essay in this comic written by Marv Wolfman that explains some of the history behind the comic, and includes some drawings of Green Martians.