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Warlord of Mars
Comic Book Release Date December 22, 2010
Publisher Dynamite Comics
Story Writer(s) Arvid Nelson
Penciler(s) Lui Antonio
Colorist(s) Adriano Lucas
Letterer(s) Troy Peteri
Front Cover Artist(s) Patrick Berkenkotter, Joe Jusko, Lucio Parillo, and J. Scott Campbell
Previous Issue 2
Next Issue 4

The third issue of this series starts with John Carter finally arriving upon Mars. The events generally play out identical to that of A Princess of Mars. John Carter is captured by the Tharks soon after his arrival on the planet and is brought to their city, there he is instructed to jump. When a Green Martian hassles him, he discovers his amazing strength by killing the martian with one punch. He is put under the watch of Sola and is guarded by the "martian watchdog" Woola, whom he quickly befriends. At the end of the issue John Carter is pulled into a building by one of the giant White Apes that haunt the Dead Cities of Mars.


  • The white apes are missing their hair.
  • John Carter is naked for most of the issue, but he is censored using shading.
  • A crowd scene portraying green martians shows several individuals inconsistent with Edgar Rices Burroughs description and any previous interpretation of the race.


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