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Vepaja is the Gan society Carson Napier first encounters upon landing on Venus. Its capital is Kooaad.


The Gan of Vepaja are described as the first-class humanoid species being of a medium tan skin tone, with long, dark black hair and eyes (comparable to the Middle Easterners on Earth), and very good-looking.


Vepaja Gan take an anti-aging serum which extends their lifespan indefinitely, so they all appear to be looking a lot like teenagers in their 20s or 30s. There are few children; as space in the society is limited, the Vepajans issue just enough permits to their the women to have children to replace those other Vepajans who get killed or kidnapped. Also, about half of the women are infertile, apparently eventually they were undergoing the menopause despite taking the anti-aging serum, so the Vepajans actually issue two childbearing permits for every lost Vepajan. However, the Venusians appear to under these normal conditions live and age about as long as the Earth humans do; the beautiful young Vepajan Princess Duare was only eighteen years old when she and Carson Napier first met each other with a secretive, loving glance in the palace gardens.



The Vepajans were once the elite of a nation that controlled the continent of Thora which the ancient Thoran Empire was named after it until the starting and finishing of the Thorist Revolution, when many more Vepajans were killed and the remainders fled to the isolated luscious island filled with gigantic palm trees where they could hide. However, they are still subject to both the raids and the abductions by the Thorists, whose society is decaying due to the lack of some intelligent, competent people right before Carson came to their aid in vanquishing and annihilating their enemies at all cost.


Pirates of Venus[]

Vepaja is the first Gan kingdom Carson Napier encounters in the novel after his ship crashes onto Venus.