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Below are the known characters of the Amtorian alphabet, each corresponds to a sound. English characters provided to show the sound each letter makes

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The language of Amtor is shared by all of the inhabitants of the world, the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere use the same language but it varies slightly. It is described by Carson Napier as being relatively simple and easy to master. this language does differ slightly in accordance with culture, people with fewer wants and experiences have fewer words, For example the Nobargan have need of only about a hundred words.

The written language is made up of twenty four characters, five of those being vowels. The native Amtorians are unable to pronounce a long A or a short O, and the I is always long. The plural form of words begin with KLOO if the word commences with a consonant, and KL if the word begins with a vowel. Placing a SO at the beginning of a word is the equivalent of adding an ER to the end of a word in English, for example vong which means defend becomes sovong which means defender. No when used as a prefix has the same value as the suffix Y, for example bar which means hair becomes nobar which means hairy. The prefix TO means higher or over.

Ad city
Al No/without
An bird
Anotar bird ship/flying ship/airplane
Ambad psychologist
Ath Look
Athgan Scout/Look Man
Albargan no hair man/without hair man/hairless man
Bar hair
El more
Ellat Might
Fal kill
Faltar pirate ship
Faltargan Pirate
Gan Man
Ganja woman
Gap prison
Gang aft a-gley to go wrong/haywire (actually from Scots)
Ganfall Prisoner
Gantor A huge furry rhinoceros-like animal
Gerlat River
Gerloo Water
Ho Than
Jodades Greeting
Jan Daughter
Janjong Kings daughter/princess
Jong King
Joram Ocean
Kalto chemist
Kantum physicist
Kloo Two (2) or second. When used as a prefix it makes a word plural and does not indicate a specific number
Ko Fast, also possibly ten (10) (see "Yorko")
Korgan soldier
Kloonobargan Literally-Hairy men/Broadly-savages
Kum of
Lantar Land ship
Lap Land
Lat Avenue
Maltu A salute equivalent to "hail" or German "heil"
Med Million
Mistal Similiar to calling a person a pig, an isnult
Neo Small
Not (contracted as no when used as a prefix.) with
Notar Ship
O The
Od Neuter pronoun, somewhat analogous to 'it'
Oolja Love
Ooljagan "Love-man" = boyfriend, common-law husband
Ooljaganja "Love-woman" = girlfriend, common-law wife
Ongyan Great friend/thorist oligarch
Ongvoo exalted one/form of noble
Ortij my
Ro Three
Rotik Three Eye
Rov Death
San 5 (Five)
Sentar Biologist
Tag gate
Tan Son
Tanjong son of a jong/Prince
Tong Big
Vadjong Queen
Vik 9 (nine)
Vong Defend
Vookor Captain
Voo first/one, also a/some
Yor 100 (one hundred)
Yorko 1000 (one thousand)
Zan beast

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