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The Venus series (also known as the "Amtor series") is the last series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs before his death in 1950. It has five books total, and focuses on the planet Amtor (Venus).

The main protagonist of the novels is Carson Napier.


Pirates of Venus[]

Pirates of Venus is the first book of Amtor.

Lost on Venus[]

Lost on Venus is the second book of Amtor.

Carson of Venus[]

Carson of Venus is the third book of Amtor.

Escape on Venus[]

Escape on Venus is the fourth book of Amtor.

Wizard of Venus[]

Wizard of Venus is the fifth and final book of Amtor, before Burroughs died in 1950.

Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds[]

Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds is the unofficial sixth book of Amtor, and is written by American science-fiction author Matt Betts. It focuses on Carson Napier's life on Venus twenty years after the main events of Wizard of Venus, the fifth book of Amtor.