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The information in this article comes from New Adventures on Barsoom and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Ghar Han (later known as Var Dalan) is a green Warhoon who once went up against John Carter, losing two of his arms in the process.


After the loss of his arms, his hatred grew for John Carter, his dreams filled with visions of him being killed by his sword. His fellow Warhoon mocked him and degraded him for the loss of his arms, and the Jeddak Xan Malus refused Ghar Han the right to pursue John Carter.

Over the years his despair grew, and he became ever more isolated from his peoples.  There came a day that he thought he could reclaim his honor by slaying who he thought was an earth-man.

It turned out the human he and his group had cornered was not John Carter, and Ghar Han was forced to turn on his Warhoon brothers Sutarat and Harkan Thul.  Doing so saved the human Suzanne Meyers life, so, he joined the woman in her travels on Barsoom, taking the name Var Dalan for himself, meaning "two-arm".