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Valla Dia is the daughter of Jeddak Kor San of Duhor, and thus a Princess of Duhor.



The Master Mind of Mars[]

Around 1908, her great beauty attracted the attention of Jal Had, Prince of Amhor, a neighboring kingdom that had long sworn enmity to Duhor. Also around that time, Duhor was at war with the kingdom of Helium, and thus the bulk of its army was overseas, unavailable to protect the kingdom. Jal Had easily took over the royal palace and took all the women hostage. Valla Dia managed to disguise herself as a lowly servant girl, but ended up being sold on the auction block to an agent of the scientist Ras Thavas. Thavas realized she was a great beauty and her body would fetch a high price, and so she was confined to the mortuary under the name 4296-E-2631-H.

An Earth decade later, she was seen Vad Varo, who promptly fell in love with her beauty but was forced to stand by as her body was stolen by hideous XaxaJeddara of Phundahl. Revived by Vad Varo, she showed her strength of character by taking her transformation calmly and philosophically and forcing herself to adjust to her new life. She clearly fell as deeply in love with Vad Varo as he with her, but hid her passion as long as she was in Xaxa's body only declaring herself to Vad Varo after being restored to her own.