Va-nah is the name of the Earth's moon in the native tongue of its inhabitants. The world is typically referred to by the average Earthman simply as "the Moon" (though its technical name is Luna.)


The inhabitants of this world call it Va-nah. The structure of the moon is strange. The surface has practically no atmosphere and can sustain almost no life. The inhabited parts of the moon are the interior. The interior has a full atmosphere, lush forests, grass, and many bodies of water. The interior is illuminated by radium particles and light from the sun shining through the hoos: the craters upon the surface of the moon that penetrate the crust into the interior world.

Native Life

There are many types of life within the moon. All races feed upon other sapient life because much of the non-toxic animal life was wiped out long ago. There is abundant non-toxic fruit on the world, flesh colored grass, and other strange colored flora.




Once the U-gos had a prosperous and technologically advanced culture, but the civil war that divided them from the Kalkars forced the world into a barbaric and primitive state.


Because of the continuous daylight time means little to the denizens of the moon. Because of the structure of the moon, like the inhabitants of Venus and Pellucidar, the people of the world have little to no concept of outer space.


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