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Uthia was the personal slave of Princess Tara of Helium. She served her mistress during the events of The Chessmen of Mars. Her origins are unrevealed, but presumably she was purchased by an agent of Tara's illustrious father, John Carter.


The Chessmen of Mars[]

The Dance of Barsoom[]

It was Uthia who informed Tara of Helium that the Dance of Barsoom was near. The slave also told the princess that her suitor, Djor Kantos was coming. Then, as ordered, Uthia drew a bath for Tara. As it was her job, she rubbed Tara with a sweet smelling lather. After the bath was over she gave the princess her towels. Then Tara of Helium left to meet her guests.

Some time later that day the Princess came back to her room, extremely mad. She demanded the slave get her flying leathers. Uthia persisted for a while knowing that John Carter did not like Tara going out on her own. But eventually she gave in to her mistresses wish.

Tara arived back late that night. The next morning it was discovered that she was missing. She had sneaked past Uthia for a morning ride, but had been caught in a storm and blown off course. Undoubtedly Uthia worried for her mistress. Tara was eventually found, alive and unharmed.

Personality and Traits[]

Uthia was a loyal and devoted slave. She followed Tara around everywhere and was good friends with her. She was so devoted, that even when given the chance to have freedom she rejected it, deciding to continue to serve Tara.