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Wild beasts which attacked John Carter after he escaped from the Warhoons and before he discovered the Atmosphere Factory. They leaped upon him in the dark and possessed vicious fangs, many legs and hairy faces. One in particular was large and heavy, and would have killed him, had not Woola made an unexpected appearance.

Other Versions[]

In the various John Carter media released over the years the various comic-adaptions of the original book have been released, each of them having to either ignore this scene or create a beast to fill the role. Most versions seem to ignore what little description of the beast that is given.

non-canon versions[]


  • The name Uncouth Monstrosities is not given in any canon source, in fact the creatures are not named at all. The name used for this article is derived from John Flint Roys A Guide to Barsoom.
  • In the non-canon New Adventures on Barsoom anthology, these creatures are given the name Gar.