Tul Axtar was the Jeddak of Jahar. He is the main antagonist of A Fighting Man of Mars.

Tul Axtar ruled Jahar for 200 years. During this time he started a breeding program that had produced millions of warriors to conquer the world, but Tul Axtar was a coward, and thus waited for a superior weapon to be invented. Phor Tak, his inventor, had developed a rifle of amazing properties; an invisible ray that disintegrates metals. A defense was also developed, the ghastly blue paint on all ships of Jahar. But this was still not enough for Tul Axtar and he kept postphoning the attack on Barsoom.

Tul Axtar has a harem with 1500 women, but he wants more. So he had his men abduct Sanoma Tora. After Tan Hadron manages to infiltrate his palace and not only free Sanoma but also capture Tul Axtar, Tul Axtar promisses Sanoma to make her his Jeddara if she helps him. She agrees and frees him. Tul Axtar maroons Tan Hadron and Tavia in the province of U-Gor, which due to Tul Axtar has become  a barren land filled with cannibals. The two survive however and manage to help the Helium fleet defeat Tul Axtar's fleet. Tul Axtar himself meets his demise at the hands of Tan Hadron, who shoots him in the heart with a radium pistol.

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