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Toonol is a remote Red Martian kingdom located to the east of the Toonolian Marshes. A bleak place surrounded by hostile marshes, its citizens are notable for their extremely objectivist worldview. It is often at war with the neighboring kingdom of Phundahl.

Notable Residents[]

  • Vobis Kan - the current Jeddak and patriarch of the House of Kan
  • Mu Tel - Nephew of Vorbis Kan and a jed of the House of Kan
  • Bal Zak - Commander of the Vosar, and a high-ranking officer in the Toonolian police force who aided Vad Varo and his friends in acquiring a set of equilibrimotors.
  • Ras Thavas - A brilliant but amoral scientist.
  • Gor Hajus - A feared assassin once thought to be dead.