The Master Mind of Mars
Author Edgar Rice Burroughs
Illustrator J. Allen St. John
Publication date 10 March, 1928
Published by A. C. McClurg
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Chessmen of Mars
Followed by
A Fighting Man of Mars

The Master Mind of Mars is the sixth book in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian series, and the first to be narrated by someone other than John Carter. Presented as the supposed memoirs of Ulysses Paxton, an Allied soldier who was transported to Mars in a near-death experience, it tells of how Paxton became the assistant to the unscrupulous genius Ras Thavas, and how he went on a seemingly impossible quest to restore the beautiful Princess Valla Dia of Duhor, who, through Ras Thavas' machinations, had her body stolen by the hideous and cruel Jeddara Xaxa of Phundahl, who condemned Valla Dia to a lifetime confined in her old body.

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