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The information in this article comes from Marvels, warlord of mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Great One is a large four armed being that claims to have sprung from the tree of life.  He appears as a composite of most of the Barsoomian races; red, green, black, red, yellow, white, and even a bit of the savage white apes. He claims that the Tree of Life chose not to drop him until Barsoom began to die, so he could save the dying world and restore it. He has the amazing ability to control animal life. He tried to destroy all life on Barsoom so he could recreate the world firmly believing that this was the right thing to do. When he and John Carter finally met in battle, they battled until both were exhausted. The Great One then tried to escape in a flier, but John Carter jumped onto the flier holding on. The Great Ones sanity slowly dwindled believing himself to have returned to the Valley Dor and the Tree of Life. In his madness he crashed into the atmosphere factory, dying from the impact.