Upon the shores of the Sea of Korus stands the Golden Temple of Issus in the Valley Dor. The temple is located on the surface and is reachable from the Omean Sea through underwater tunnels. The gardens of the temple are filled with black martians and their red and white slaves. The trees of the garden have ivory wood, and red sward covers the ground. The paths are paved with precious gems, rubies, diamonds, and a thousand nameless gems of Barsoom. It is a shame such a beautiful place is a center of worship and home for the dreadful Issus.

There is a long tunnel from the Temple of Issus to the temple of Matai Shang, leader of the Holy Therns, built ages ago by the slaves of the First Born in such secrecy that not even the Therns know of its existence. Indeed, they are as ignorant of the true nature of Issus herself as are the Barsoomians of the outer world. Her decrees are borne by messenger along this tunnel to the Therns, written in blood upon a strange parchment. The cultists think they are receiving the revelations of the goddess through a supernatural agency since they find these messages upon their guarded altars which none could access without detection. Xodar the Black Martian revealed to John Carter that he himself had been a bearer of these messages for many years.

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