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The information in this article comes from Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Tash Lia was the young Jeddara of the nation of Yorn.


Tash Lia was the second child of Senneth Dor after Dor Valian, her father loved and respected her on a far greater level. When her brother and father were killed she was the only person of Royal Blood remaining and thus she became Jeddara.

Because she was young and inexperienced her and the Yorn Council quietly negotiated with Helium to cede the power of the nation too them, however spies had learned this and assassins were sent to kill the young woman before this could happen, in order to prevent the rise of Helium as the dominant nation on the planet.

Dejah Thoris and Kantos Kan were sent to Yorn to prevent her from being killed by the notorious assassin Boll-Rem by bringing her to the safety of Helium. On the groups trip to helium their airship was intercepted by Boll-Rem who managed to plant bombs causing the airship to crash.

He attempted to pursue the group in his own ship but Kantos Kan managed to hit his engines causing him to crash. The group fleeing the assassin found themselves within an ancient city, there while they were being attacked by a group of Ulsios Boll-Rem managed to catch up to them.

The group fled into an underground passage where they were captured by a mysterious enclave of White Martians. This group of Whites was cannibalistic and insane, strangely enough they were rescued by Boll-Rem.

When they made it too the surface Boll-Rem attempted to fulfill his contract and kill Tash Lia, but the young woman ended her own life by hurling herself off a cliff before Boll-Rem could kill her. Dejah Thoris in a fit of anger attacked Boll-Rem throwing him off the cliff.


Tash Lia is an ill-tempered young woman, she did not respect or appreciate the people around her seemingly because of the years she spent being spoiled by her father.


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