Tarzan and Jad Bal Ja
Tarzan stands by Jad-bal-ja, with a spear in hand.
Biographical information
Title Lord of The Jungle
Gender Male
Race Earthman
Kingdom Waziri
Status Alive

Tarzan is a hero raised in the jungles of Africa by the fierce anthropoid Mangani. He first appears in the 1914 novel Tarzan of the Apes.


Tarzan's real parents were English nobles John Clayton, also known as Lord Greystroke, and Alice Rutherford. John and Alice were shipwrecked somewhere in Africa with hunting and gathering their only means of survival besides the log cabin they had built for shelter. John defended himself against the savage apes of the Mangani tribe and killed many of them with his revolver. The Mangani were afraid of John Clayton because whoever went near his cabin would be killed. Alice died after giving birth to a son and John was ambushed by Kerchak the chief of the Mangani when he sat in his cabin, mourning over her death. John was killed by the savage apes and his infant son was raised by the she-ape Kala who named the boy "Tarzan", meaning "white skin".

Tarzan was very close to his adoptive mother, Kala, as he grew up but Kala's mate Tublat despised Tarzan and thought him too weak to be a warrior. Because Tarzan also disliked Tublat he would play pranks on him like tie a noose around Tublat's neck when he was off guard. All the other apes would join in and laugh at Tublat because he was not liked well. When Tarzan was ten years old he discovered his fathers cabin and learned the alphabet and how to read from children's books that his father intended for him when he was older. Tarzan did not learn how to speak English but only to read it and he knew how to write the words for things in English, the apes said "Manu", but the humans said "Monkey". One night when Tarzan was reading in his fathers cabin an ape from an enemy tribe saw him and attacked him. Tarzan was only a child at this time but was strong for his age and he fought back against the ape and killed him with his fathers hunting knife (which he had found in his cabin). Kala went looking for Tarzan since he had been gone for long and she found him in the cabin lying on the floor, bleeding. For days, Kala cared for the injured Tarzan and licked his wounds.

When Tarzan was eighteen years old, he was six feet tall and had long black hair which reached his shoulders, he also grew a beard (which he called his ape hair). When Tublat and the other apes were hunting down innocent women and children from an enemy tribe, Kala intervened and tried to stop Tublat but Tublat reacted with anger and attacked Kala. When Tarzan saw Tublat attacking Kala he intervened and fought Tublat, Tarzan stabbed Tublat in the heart with his fathers hunting knife (just as he had killed the ape from an enemy tribe years before) and killed him.

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