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The information in this article comes from Dynamite's Warlord of Mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Tarkas was a Thark warrior.


Little is known about him but Sarkoja was in his retinue.

Tarkas accompanied the warrior Tars in the retrieval of a group of young who were stolen away by a group of White Apes who intended to feed on the young Tharks. Tarkas charged in shooting his weapon, but Tars stopped him because he may have hit the young.

Tars managed to kill the leader of the white apes and save the children, Tarkas did little to help and only desired to kill the apes. Sola who was among these children angered Tarkas because she had shown fear of the white apes and was far too old to be vulnerable to fear by his standards.

Tarkas took Tars and Sola before the Jed and argued that Sola should be thrown off the cliff of sights for being a burden, he also tried to claim the white apes harness as his own. Tars was angered by him, but Tarkas was more angry and challenged Tars.

Tars killed Tarkas, taking Tarkas' name as his own, becoming Tars Tarkas. He also gained Tarkas' property, his metal, his furs, his thoats, his weapons, and his women (including Sarkoja).