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The information in this article comes from The Forgotten Sea of Mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

A Targath is a creature native to Barsoom, but only beneath the surface in the forgotten sea of Ayathor.



It is a ferocious large 8 foot tall creature, with a muscular body covered in tufts of long gray hair, and beneath the hair scales. Like the White Ape it has an intermediary set of limbs which can be used as either arms of legs, with no bones in their hands.

the targaths face is perhaps its most awesome feature, it is so matted with hair as to appear shapeless, but it has two easily discernible eyeteeth which protrude well over the lower lip. The creature has no visible eyes, as the world it evolved in is so dark that it had no use for them, there are vestigial eyes in the sockets but the skin completely covers them.

Despite its lack of sight it is an incredibly formidable creature, both on land and sea, they are partially aquatic creatures, having involved so because they had to migrate between islands for food.