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The information in this article comes from The Dark Horse Tarzan comics and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Tara is a plant native to Barsoom far to the north of the icy planes. It is pure vegetable, but still has an intelligence surpassing that of man!



The tara exsisted peacefully with the lifeforms of barsoom, it was eaten by thoats which in turn were eaten by banths and from the droppings emerged again the tara. The highly intelligent plant is completely immobile, save for when its seed pods burst and it germinated across the land. A significant change to the Tara biology occured when a stranger from another world, the ape man Tarzan, came to Barsoom. When he fought amongst the plant people some of its tiny spores attached themselves to him, being carried back to Earth. He left the spores unknowingly behind in the ruins of the city of Fhala. The Earth soil was kind to the spores allowing them to grow rapidly, within the soil they found the remains of humans, the blood found deep within the marrow of these bones worked wonders on the physiology of the tara creating new beings.