Biographical information
Title Jeddara
Gender Female
Race Red/Earthman
Kingdom Gathol; formerly Helium
Status Alive
Tara is the daughter of the Warlord John Carter and Princess Dejah Thoris, and the younger sister of Prince Carthoris. As a princess of Helium, she has her mother's air of dignity and her father's resourcefulness and resolve, traits which served her well when she became lost in Bantoom. She is married to Gahan, Jeddak of Gathol, by whom she has a daughter, Llana.

Feisty is the word for Tara of Helium. She stands up for herself on all occasions, even slipping a dagger between the ribs of a man who tries to rape her. She is totally unimpressed by the glittering trappings of Gahan of Gathol but the fine swordsmanship - and dare one suggest the magnificent form - of Turan the Panthan wins her heart.

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