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Talu is the current Jeddak of the Okar.



The Warlord of Mars[]

Talu was initially the Jed of the city Marentina. He led the people of the city in rebellion against Kadabra and its Jeddak Salensus Oll, who was Talus uncle. John Carter appoints Talu the new Jeddak of the Jeddaks of the North on the theory that men of Barsoom should be ruled by men of their own kind and color. 

The Chessmen of Mars[]

Talu visits Helium to take part in the judging of John Carter and his promotion to the rank of Warlord at the beginning of novel. He apparently strikes up a friendship with Carthoris as the latter is visiting him in Okar.

Llana of Gathol[]

Hin Abtol claims to have conquered the cities of the Yellow Men and replaced Talu as Jeddak of the Jeddaks of the North. Given the character of Hin Abtol, skepticism on the truth of this claim is justified.