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Ralok, in the future, please try not to steal whole pages from Wikipedia. I know it's all under Creative Commons licensing, but not all of it is relevent to this wiki (and some parts of the article were obviously written by folks who've not read the books - the Therns are not "godlike", for one thing...) -- Gnostic 15:13, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

ummm . . . thats the thing bro . . . in the new movie coming out, the therns are shape shifting intersteller parasite that suck planets dry of their resources . . . or something along those lines . . . I dont know why though! They have been referred to as godlike in interviews I believe . . . They have been seriously warped in the movies coming outralok 15:40, June 3, 2011 (UTC)
{ersopnally I think it is best to avoid even thinking about the differences beetween the books nad the movies . . . it would hurt our brains . . . for one I hear tardos mors is now dejah thoris' father instead of more kajak, that they combined the two characters . . . but . . . why dont they use the name . . . MORS KAJAK INSTEAD . . . so that way it doesnt seem weird . .. irks me because ralok 15:47, June 3, 2011 (UTC)
Sorry . . . I will definitely avoid ripping pages in the future! I had hoped to change it gradually . . . but I never got around to it, im sorry. BUT, I did add the footage from the original animated version, which I have no idea why the original page on wikipedia didn't include 15:53, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

LEGO John Carter of Mars Edit

Hey guys, what's up?

Come support my new project on LEGO CUUSOO so it can become an official LEGO product!

LEGO(R) CUUSOO is a site where you can share LEGO(R) set concepts you'd like the whole world to enjoy and aim for their eventual release as real products.

Thank you, so how's it going?

John Carter of Mars is an upcoming American science-fiction fantasy film about John Carter, the lead character in much of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume Barsoom series. It is directed by Andrew Stanton and stars Taylor Kitsch as Carter. This is Stanton's first foray into live-action after working on animated films for Pixar. It is set for a March 9, 2012 release in theaters worldwide.

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