Re: "First Born" vs. "Black Martians"Edit

"Black Martians" and "First Born" are somewhat interchangeable, but for the purposes of an encyclopedia, they are Black Martians. Their self-assigned demonym is merely a reflection of their vanity. -- Gnostic 23:12, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

Black martian is more of a desription of what they are, they refer to their species as a whole as being the "first born" so its not vanity its simply what they call their species, its the same reason that barsoom is under the name of barsoom on this wiki rather than the name of mars. the reason they call themselves such is irrelevent, you see what i am saying? ralok 21:21, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Origins Edit

It's pretty clear that, whether or not you believe the "First Born" claim or not, they are NOT from Thuria (and even if they were, there's a human race on Thuria; they aren't necessarily related to the tavids any more closely than a Jasoomian is to a parrot).

When the Therns say the Black Pirates are from Thuria, they mean those specific Black Pirates right over there LIVE on Thuria and come to Barsoom in order to raid it and then RETURN to Thuria. This is patently false, as the Black Pirates in question live on Barsoom itself, in a region unknown to the Therns. No one in the story ever makes the claim "Oh yeah, they live here NOW, but their ANCESTORS came from Thuria."

You can edit the page you know, you dont have to get malicious about the content, you can change the content. If you havent notice the page is pretty definitively unfinished. I have ot reread the books before I can add info, there are alot of facts you pick up on via reading that people fail to notice. For example, this website is probably the first to propperly identify the yellow martians actual name as being "okar" look at the talk page if you dont believe me. Please I encourage you to improve upon this page, and to clear up any misconceptions on it. ralok 05:47, March 4, 2011 (UTC)
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