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The information in this article comes from Marvels, warlord of mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Tal Tarag was a panthan of Toonol, he dared love the noble woman Vala Dia and she loved him back. A jilted royal wooer had them kidnapped and sold to Ras Thavas, the Mastermind of Mars, where they had their brains removed and replaced with the brains of Kaldanes. Tal Tarags brain was not stored, his brain was put into the body of a white ape, for Ras Thavas amusement.

Tal Tarag escaped with the brain of his beloved Vala Dia and joined forces with Aard, both hoping to recover their lost loves! Unfortunatly the implant process mutated Val Dias body, turning her physical form into a Kaldane.Tal Tarage viciously attacked Taak when he learned this, most likely not surviving the encounter.