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Sanoma Tora is the beautiful but shallow and cowardly daughter of an arriviste 'nobleman' distinguished for his wealth but no other quality. She is one of the main characters in A Fighting Man of Mars. Tan Hadron is carried away by her beauty, and desperately wants her for himself despite the fact that he is not rich and Sonoma therefor spurns his declaration of love.

Like many beautiful and high born women on Mars, she is the target of abduction. Early on in the story she is taken captive by soldiers of Tul Axtar, and taken to his harem in the city of Jahar. Her abduction is what sets in motion the events from the story, as Tan Hadron goes on a search to find her. He eventually manages to rescue her after aquiring an invisible ship from the mad scientist Phor Tak, and takes Tul Axtar hostage as well. In an unusual twist of events however, Sanoma reveals herself to be a traitor and frees Tul Axtar. Tul Axtar maroons Tan Hadron and Tavia in a country populated by cannibals, and returns to Jahar with Sanoma Tora.

At the end of the story, when Tul Axtar is killed, Sanoma tries to patch things up with Tan Hadron, but he realizes now she is not the woman he truly wants and rejects her.

Sanoma seems to be as worthless a character as her father, yet the noble and honorableKal Tavan one of her father's slaves is devoted to his young mistress. It is thus possible that for all her flaws Sanoma is at least kind to her slaves.