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Sab Than was the prince of Zodanga and son of the jeddak Than Kosis. Sab Than appears only in the first book of the Barsoom series, A Princess of Mars, where he is the secondary antagonist.



A Princess of Mars[]

Sab Than meets Dejah Thoris when she arrives at Zodanga and falls madly in love with her. He demands her hand in marriage which she accepts, but Dejah Thoris doesn't love him she just wants to marry him so that the wars between Zodanga and Helium will come to an end and there will be peace. At this time, Dejah Thoris believed that her true lover John Carter was dead.

Sab Than and Dejah Thoris had their wedding on the same day the Tharkians invaded Zodanga, but the wedding was crashed by John Carter who would not let his love marry Sab Than. John Carter prevented the wedding from occurring, until Tars Tarkas arrived and killed Sab Than because due to Martian custom, John Carter could not kill Sab Than, or else he could never wed Dejah Thoris.

Other Versions[]

Disney film[]

Sab Than, portrayed by English actor Dominic West, is the secondary antagonist in John Carter (2012). He receives the power of the Ninth Ray from Matai Shang, using it to wage war with impunity across Barsoom. Like the book, he attempts to wed Dejah Thoris by force, stating this would create peace between Zodanga and Helium. Sab Than kills his father and becomes jeddak of Zodanga, he later fights John Carter when he comes to Zodanga to free Dejah Thoris. After discovering the ruse by the film's primary antagonists, John Carter tried to get Sab Than to tell him about the Holy Therns, but Matai Shang killed Sab Than so he wouldn't tell John Carter about their plans.

Asylum film[]

In the Asylum film Princess of Mars, Sab Than is an alias used by the Earthman Sarka.