A 2009 film by the Asylum, it is the first movie based upon the Martian novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Asylum being famous for making cheap knock-off films (called 'mock'-busters) apparently made Princess of Mars to capitalize on the success of James Cameron's Avatar.


John Carter is a modern day U.S. sniper, he is wounded and sent to Mars (a planet named Mars orbiting Alpha Centuri rather than the actual Mars).

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The film itself hardly resembles the original work but here a few key differences should be noted.

  • The Tharks in this film are not fifteen foot tall Green Martians, but rather human sized yellow aliens.
  • The movie does not take place on the actual Mars.
  • The means of traveling to Mars is distinctly scientific, whereas in the book it is ambiguous and virtually unexplained.

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  • The film has been released under two alternate titles, "The Martian Colony Wars" in Europe, and when the film John Carter was released by Disney it was re-released as "John Carter of Mars".
  • Matt Lasky who played Tars Tarkas in the film plays a green martian in the Disney adaption John Carter.
  • Asylum produced two other films with Martians, based on H.G. Wells war of the worlds.
  • The film made use of the Vasquez rocks for alien landscapes, a trait it shares with its Disney counterpart.
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