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A princess is a female child of royalty. The male equivalent is a prince.



In Martian society, a princess is a title bestowed upon the daughter of a jed or jeddak. A princess is expected to be proud and virtuous, neither accepting insults upon her person nor letting her temper get the better of her in public. Princesses are often revered and loved by their people.

The downside of being a princess is that they often find themselves being treated as commodities to be bought, sold, or stolen. When Dejah Thoris was kidnapped by the Tharks, the people of Helium declared war and sent whole fleets to try and save her, and when the people of Zodanga captured her and tried to force her to marry their prince, Zodanga was sacked by one of the largest armies ever assembled. When, years later, Thuvia of Ptarth was kidnapped by a ship bearing Heliumetic markings, Helium nearly faced the prospect of a war they had no intention of fighting. And when Prince Jal Had of Amhor sought to make Valla Dia of Duhor his bride, Duhor was ruthlessly captured and its women were sold one by one into slavery.


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Known Princesses[]




  • Haja, aunt of Jeddak Gahan, enslaved by O-Tar, Jeddak of Manator; later freed by and married to Jed U-Thor
  • Llana, daughter of Jeddak Gahan and Jeddara Tara, granddaughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris, niece of Carthoris and Thuvia



  • Dejah Thoris, daughter of Jed Mors Kajak and granddaughter of Jeddak Tardos Mors, mother of Carthoris and Tara, grandmother of Llana, and mother-in-law of Thuvia and Gahan; wife of Warlord John Carter
  • Tara, daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris, sister of Prince Carthoris, sister-in-law of Thuvia of Ptarth, and mother of Llana; married to Jeddak Gahan of Gathol

Holy Therns[]


  • Thuvia, daughter of Jeddak Thuvan Dihn, daughter-in-law of John Carter and Dejah Thoris, sister-in-law of Tara and Gahan, aunt of Llana; married to Carthoris