Welcome to Barsoom!
the dying world
Here you shall learn about the first world that Edgar Rice Burroughs created. A world that exists under the moons of mars. A world of gorgeous princesses, and remarkable heroes.


  • Tarzan & John Carter, Warlords of MarsGo to Tarzan/John Carter: Warlords of Mars
  • Dynamite's WarlordGo to Warlord of Mars (Dynamite)
  • Dynamite's Dejah ThorisGo to Warlord of Mars:Dejah Thoris
  • Dynamite's Fall of BarsoomGo to Warlord of Mars:Fall of Barsoom
  • Marvel's PrincessGo to John Carter: A Princess of Mars
  • Jesse Marsh YearsGo to John Carter of Mars (Dell)
  • Weird WorldsGo to Weird Worlds
  • Marvel's WarlordGo to Warlord of Mars (Marvel)
  • World of MarsGo to John Carter: World of Mars
  • Disney's John CarterGo to John Carter (Film)
  • Asylum's Princess of MarsGo to Princess of Mars (Film)
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