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The Pit of Plenty is a deep pit located in the palace of Salensus Oll, Jeddak of Okar, and is used as a prison for those who have received a sentence of death. The pit is a hundred feet deep with smooth polished walls making it impossible to climb out. The prisoner is lowered into the pit on a rope and left there until he dies of starvation and thirst. The darkness of the pit is broken each day by a light that reveals the presence of delicious food and drink behind impenetrable glass walls before being plunged into darkness once again, adding further psychological distress to the condemned person's developing physical deterioration.

Halfway up the side of the pit is the entrance to a long tunnel that extends beneath the palace for several hundred yards and leads to a control room that is joined by other corridors of the palace. This control room is supervised by a Yellow Martian named Solan who operates the mechanisms of the great electromagnet known as the Guardian of the North as well as the sun ray tanks that provide the capital city of Kadabra with heat.