Phundahl is a kingdom located on the edge of the Toonolian Marshes, and is the nearest neighbor of the kingdom of Toonol. In sharp contrast to the Toonolians, who are rational to the point of sociopathy, the Phundahlians are obsessively religious. Phundahl is a small kingdom having only its main city and a few islands within the Toonolian marshes under its domain.


"Tur is Tur.
St John Xaxa & Tur

Xaxa prepares to sacrifice Dar Tarus

Phundahl religious chant [src]
"Tur is Tur."
Reverse chant repeated after the initial chant. [src]

The center of Phundahlian religion is the god Tur, according to their religion Tur created Barsoom and everything upon it.

The religion itself is irrational and oppressive, the kingdom actively suppresses knowledge of sexual procreation, and they do not journey far from their city because they believe the world to be flat. They also ban the use of telescopes because they believe the only world in existence is Barsoom.

All their Knowledge they get from the Turgan their holy book supposedly written by Tur himself.  They have no other books of any kind, and deny any knowledge that does not come from it.

Known Residents Edit

  • Dar Tarus, the current jeddak of Phundahl and high-priest of Tur.
  • Xaxa, the former jeddara of Phundahl and high-priestess of Tur.
  • Sag Or, a loyal minion of Xaxa who had Dar Tarus assassinated in order to steal his body
  • Hora San, a jeddak and high priest who disappeared sometime around 1817. His corpse was later discovered inside the statue of Tur.
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