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Phor San was a Red soldier, an odwar in the army of Hin Abtol.

He is one of the odwars in charge of the siege of Gathol during the book Llana of Gathol. He is also almost constantly drunk. When John Carter infiltrates the army in an attempt to acquire a flier, the drunk Phor San gives him the Dusar. However, Phor San may not have been as drunk as he appeared to be since John Carter quickly finds out the Dusar is out of commission.

When John Carter manages to repair the Dusar and gathers a crew, Phor San angrily comes on board, demanding to know who gave permission to re-man the ship. Before his guards can put John Carter and his crew under arrest, Carter flies off with Phor San still on board. Phor San quickly shouts a warning to the ships on the ground, especially the Okar, to pursue. The ships are destroyed however before they can do so.

Now a captive, Phor San gets drunk again and tries to take over the ship but is taken below. After a battle with another flier, from which the Dusar emerges victorious, a warrior reports that Phor San and his companion have “fallen” through a bomb door to their deaths.