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The information in this article comes from Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Phondari is a female Moon Pirate of the planet Barsoom who held an infamous reputation during the early years of Dejah Thoris's life.


Originally she was a commander of the vessel Hammer of Thuria, but, having violated the laws of her people she was forced to become the slave of her own slave Xen Brega. She managed to escape from her enslavement however, taking her younger brother, Joktai, with her.

She became a thief and a corsair who commanded the Jeddessa's Revenge, which held a mixed crew of Martians as it included Red Martians as well as Green Martians. It also included her brother Joktai. This band of pirates are known to had caused Helium a great deal of grief due to their raids. At some point, she attacked the Southern Pumping Station located in the Snow Belts of Southern Barsoom. This raid led to the entrapment of the station crew who were locked away within one of the chambers. With no one to operate The Station, the water stopped flowing down the canals to Helium.

In addition, she dispatched Joktai to follow Dejah Thoris, who had led an expedition to the Pumping Station to find out what had happened. Once there, Joktai destroyed her frigate and left the crew stranded at the Station whilst Thoris herself chased the young pirate. Just as she caught and unmasked the Moon Pirate, she was knocked out, captured and taken before Phondari aboard her ship. The captive Dejah was forced to cooperate with Phondari on a mission to find the fabled Lost Treasure of Segotha, with the pirate queen stating that any interference would lead to Thoris and her people being killed. Success meant that Dejah and her people at the station would be spared. However, the Moon Pirates themselves were captured shortly thereafter by the vengeful Xen Brega, who had them all sent to his galley to be butchered and eaten. Joktai, however, had hidden a knife on his person and cut through his bonds, killed their captors and freed his sister, Dejah Thoris and the others. Joktai was shot in the shoulder during the escape and a Green Martian crewman was killed, but they reached Jeddesa's Revenge with their surviving crew and fled.  

Phondari, Joktai and the others continued on to Barsoom's South Pole in search of the treasure, but were beaten to it by Xen Brega. Luckily for them, the treasure was guarded by a terrible monster who slew Xen Brega and his crew while they took the treasure and fled.

Later, Phondari honorably released Dejah Thoris and her people, even dividing the treasure with them.



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