Pew Mogel is a Hormad. He is the main antagonist of John Carter and the Giant of Mars.

Like most Hormads, Pew Mogel has a deformed body with a microcephalic head. His eye frequently pops out of his head, but this doesn't seem to bother him. He is quite intelligent for a Hormad. He has been a student of Ras Thavas for several years, learning all his secrets and using these to create himself both an army of White Apes with the brains of Red Martians, and his ultimate weapon, Joog. He is also crafty (having build microphones and primitive television screens), but also quite mad. Pew Mogel was not seen in Synthetic Men of Mars, but it can be assumed he must have escaped from Morbus before the fleet of Helium destroyed the whole city and all the Hormads inside.

Just like his fellow Hormads he dreams of conquering all of Barsoom. He manages to capture John Carter, Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas, and starts his conquest with an attack on Helium. His army of White Apes is carried into battle by Malagors. John Carter manages to turn the tides by unleashing hundreds of Three Legged Rats over the battle field, scaring the Malagors off. He then confronts Pew Mogel, who is commanding his army from a dome on top of Joogs head. He cuts off Pew Mogels head, but like most Hormads this does not kill him and the headless body stumbles out of the dome. Carter throws the still screaming head after it. Neither the body nor the head are seen again afterwards.

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