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Pan Dan Chee was an Orovar living in secret in the city of Horz.



Llana of Gathol[]

In Horz, he served in the utan of Lan Sohn Wen, that is until John Carter arrived finding him under attack from six Green Martians. John Carter saved his life, only to find that the citizens of Horz were not exactly friendly.

Pan Dan Chee pleaded with Lan Sohn Wen to permit John Carter to escape, but he did not listen and John Carter was escorted to the Jeddak Han Ran Kim, who condemned both men to death explaining that it was necessary for the safety of Horz.

Pan Dan Chee falls in love with the image of Llana of Gathol, a princess in John Carter's small travelling Jetan set, and upon meeting the princess in person immediately offers her his sword. Llana plays hard to get but it is clear that Pan Dan Chee has made a similar impression upon her and she eventually accepts him as her chieftain.