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The information in this article comes from The Forgotten Sea of Mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Palace Island was a large island in the sea of Ayathor beneath the surface of Barsoom.



The is the home of the city Ayathor, a city-sized palace.

The island was originally inhabited by the yellow men of Okar, but it was abandoned some time ago. Presumably it was abandoned because the domes on the surface had been perfected.

The city was re-inhabited by a group of panars, and their captives (including Okarian captives), after the panars failed war. And like every city it has its games, here prisoners who are kept in the pits are forced to fight against each other and targaths. It is likely the Panars learned of the city, and the sea, from the legends of the Okar.

When the Panars colonized the city the brought their women with them, and half a million frozen soldiers.


There are a few noteworthy locations in the city.

The Tower of the Apts where Lirai was held captive was once the private chamber of a long-dead Jeddak. Fearing insurrection he had a secret corridor built as a means of escape, Hin Abtol changed the room into a prison never guessing the secret it held.

The Chamber of Madness where prisoners are tortured through various means, kept awake with light and sound, exposed to extreme temperatures. In the center of the room is a circle, the only safe place to stand when dozens of Banths are released into the chamber.