Biographical information
Title Jeddara
Gender Female
Race Tarid
Kingdom Domnia
Status Alive

Ozara was a Princess of the Taridian city of Domnia who was kidnapped by the Jeddak Ul Vas and forced to become his Jeddara. Like all of her fellow Tarids, she had considerable telepathic abilities that allowed her to appear invisible to non-Tarids. Ozara hated Ul Vas but didn't dare try to escape, as she had no way of returning to her home country and being re-captured would have meant a fate worse than death. Years later, the Warlord John Carter arrived with a group from Helium, seeking his beloved princess Dejah Thoris. She had been kidnapped and brought to Ombra, which her captors had thought abandoned (as the Tarids had, of course, made themselves invisible).  Ul Vas' men attacked and captured them. Ozara, who'd long ago willed herself into a half-asleep state, saw the Earthman Carter and was transfixed. She summoned him to her apartments and attempted to seduce him. Carter politely rebuffed her, but promised to help her escape Omnia.

To her credit Ozara took her rejection with some grace. She also behaved with some courage during the long trek to Domnia. John Carter of course did not love her but he developed a genuine liking and respect for the Princess which she appreciated.