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The Orovar are the last struggling remains of the original White Martian race, who ruled Barsoom over 500,000 years ago. They were once a seafaring race, pushed to the brink of extinction when the waters of Mars began to dry. Their only remaining populated city is Horz, which has been disguised as as a dead city.

Biology and Attire[]

Their attire differs very little from that worn by the other humanoid races, but they are known to wear headbands, which is unusual upon Barsoom. They have fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Like most human races upon Mars, they are considered handsome.


Being isolated from greater Barsoom, they know little of the events that have transpired upon Barsoom since their disappearance. They are unaware of other White Martian populations, like the similarly-reclusive Lotharians, and they are hostile to anyone who discovers their existence. Anyone who enters Horz and becomes aware of them is killed for fear that they will reveal Horz to the rest of the world. Their isolation means they do not have some of the more advanced Barsoomian technology such as firearms (instead of relying on bows) and fliers.