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The Omean Sea is a large body of water hidden about two miles beneath the surface of Barsoom.


The sea receives its waters from Korus, the smaller sea above it. One entrance to this subterranean world is a thousand foot in diameter hole upon a black mountain, located near the Valley of Otz. The subterranean world is governed and maintained solely by the Black Martians, who built four great pumping stations to keep it from filling to a certain level. This water is redirected far to the north, were it is emptied into the irrigation system built by Red Martians. The sea dotted with many islands, with the vegetation being colorless. The sea is illuminated by a strata of phosphorescent stone that ensures eternal daylight in this subterranean world.



The Gods of Mars[]

The Omean Sea appears as the territory of the Black Martians in the novel.