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The Okar Nation is a Yellow Martian kingdom located at the north pole of Barsoom. It is isolated from the outside world by a barrier of icy walls that encircle the north pole. The only ways into the nation are by air, or through the dreaded Carrion Caves.

Although highly technologically advanced, for many years Okar was dependent upon slaves to keep its cities running. It acquired these slaves via a gigantic electromagnet called the "Guardian of the North", which could pull fliers and ships off course, causing them to smash against the Guardian's shaft.


The nation consists of cities beneath gigantic climate controlled domes, of which only three are known: Kadabra (its capital), Illall, and the principality of Marentina

The nation also maintains its own atmosphere processing plants, capable of sustaining life in its cities even if the primary plant maintained by the red martians fails.

Notable Okarians[]

  • Salensus Oll, Jeddak of Kadabra and Okar. Captured Jeddak Tardos Mors and Jed Mors Kajak of Helium. Later slain by Jedwar John Carter.
  • Talu, nephew of Salensus Oll and Prince of Marentina. Succeeded Salensus Oll as Jeddak.
  • Solan, a elderly scientist in charge of the palace switch-room. He was also apparently a "wizard of the blade" - John Carter remarked that he was one of the best swordsmen he'd ever faced.
  • Sorav, a dwar under Salensus Oll.