Placeholder person
Biographical information
Title Former Jeddak
Gender Male
Race Red
Kingdom Manator
Status Deceased
O-Tar was the hated Jeddak of Manator prior to the ascension of his son A-Kor. He was a bullying tyrant who made his kingdom heavily dependent upon foreign slaves, including the princess Haja of Gathol, who was forced into becoming his concubine. He was also an incredible coward, and this proved his downfall; when the prince Gahan of Gathol was imprisoned, he managed to escape and hid in the former apartments of the long dead jeddak O-Mai. O-Mai had been so feared that when he had died over four centuries earlier, nobody dared enter the apartments to remove his body, The people of Manator, including O-Tar, believed that O-Mai still haunted the old apartments and thus O-Tar hesitated to look for Gahan himself until it became clear to him that his refusal was making people doubt his worthiness to lead. When he finally did go and look for Gahan, the prince posed as O-Mai's ghost and scared the Jeddak so badly that he dropped his knife. When confronted with this, O-Tar killed himself so that his people could have a more worthy ruler.
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