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Nur An is a Red Martian from Jahar. He is a deuteragonist in the story A Fighting Man of Mars.

Nur An is first seen when he's imprisoned in the pits below Tjanath. It's in these pits he meets Tan Hadron. Nur An was originally imprisoned by his own jeddak, Tul Axtar, so he could steal Nur An's mate and confiscate his property. Nur An escaped to Tjanath, but was imprisoned as a spy by Haj Osis, the Jed. While in the pits, Nur An tells Hadron of the 200 year reign of Tul Axtar and his plans for world conquest.

Both Tan Hadron and Nur An are sentenced to "the Death", but the pit they are lowered into (and which is believed to be lethal) turns out to lead to an underground river. The river takes both of them to the Valley Hohr, where they end up in Ghasta and become prisoners of Ghron. They refuse Ghron's offer to become torturers in his service and choose death instead. They manage to escape from the city however in an improvised hot air balloon. After their escape, they end up in the lair of the inventor Phor Tak, who shows them the weapons he invented for Tul Axtar and the new weapons he invented to counter them. Phor Tak wants revenge on Tul Axtar, so Tan Hadron convinces him to give him an invisible ship. He insists however that Nur An should stay with him as a hostage to ensure Tan Hadron won't double cross him.

Nur An is not seen again untill the end of the story, when Tan Hadron comes back for him and takes him back to Helium.