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New Tales of the Red Planet is a series of short stories included with a newly released annotated version of A Princess of Mars.

Table of Contents[]

A fully annotated edition of the classic A Princess of Mars, with extensive notes prepared by noted Burroughs scholar Aaron Parrett. And thrill to all-new adventures written in tribute to the novel by Matthew Stover (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Caine’s Law), Daniel Keys Moran (The A.I. War), Chuck Rosenthal (The Heart of Mars) and more!

  • “A Friend in Thark” by Matthew Stover: A “lost chapter” of A Princess of Mars about a friendship that will become legendary throughout Mars.
  • “Uncle Jack” by Daniel Keys Moran: A dying man on Mars receives a guest of the most unlikely sort.
  • “The Whites Apes of Iss” by Mark D’Anna: The untold story of the keeper of the atmosphere factory, and his fateful encounter with a mysterious visitor.
  • “Gentleman of Virginia” by Michael Kogge: A young Southerner’s obsession with Mars leads him to volunteer for the Confederate Army.
  • “Zero Mars” by Aaron Parrett: Daring young Maizy Theta risks her freedom on Mars to save the life of Hypatia, a promising mathematician on Earth.
  • “An Island in the Moon” by Chuck Rosenthal: The greatest warlord of Mars returns home and discovers it has changed dramatically from the red planet he knew.

With a specially-prepared bibliography of Burroughs resources and all-new illustrations by Dan Parsons (Star Wars comics)!