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The Myposans are fish-like humanoids of Amtor. They are native to the northern hemisphere and inahbit a city known as Mypos.


Myposans have fishlike faces, large beards and gills. They have webbed hands and feet and are capable of breathing water. Having few facial expressions they typically use their gills to show emotion. They can push air out between their teeth to create a whistle indicating anger, and form an O with their lips and suck in air to display laughter.

Life Cycle[]

The Myposans start their lives off as fish. The females of the species spawn in private pools spawning thousands (potentially millions) of young. The young Myposans make their way to the ocean through underwater tunnels, though most of these youths die before they can return to their families' pools. The infants always return to the pool they were spawned in, which ensures inbreeding, as the Myposans do not mate with those outside of their families. As the young Myposans grow, they develop legs and arms and venture onto land, until this time they are highly vulnerable to guypals and need to be guarded.


The Myposans have a radically different culture than the Gan, being native to the northern hemisphere. Firearms are entirely unknown to them. They are an arrogant people and believe that Mypos is the largest city in the world. They do not use any beasts of burden or wheeled vehicles.